Women Of God

We are beautiful women;

we were created by God,

he couldn’t have done a better job.


We are wise,

we are smart,


and powerful.


We are women, women of God!


We have business wisdom, natural wisdom, spiritual, and mother wisdom. 

We have what it takes to create.

We are amazing, strong, and wonderful creatures,

We amaze others with our outstanding and lovely features.

God looked at us and thought, “Yeah, now my job is complete, 

look what I have created, another part of me”.


They are women, women of God!


Have you ever wondered why God created you,

he needed another miracle and Adam wouldn’t just do.

When God created Adam he knew he had to create Eve

to keep this world going, with spreading of a seed.


We women are equipped to bring forth human life,

however as we know, sometimes our bodies will put up a fight.


Now, if you ever feel worthless and think you haven’t done a great job,

just look in the mirror, smile and say,

“Thank you",

Thank you God".


When God created women he put a lot of thought into this job,

the molding,

the making,

the beauty,

the brain,

what more could we have asked for, men just aren’t the same.


Men don’t get me wrong; 

you are the work of perfect art,

it was your rib that created woman,

from the very start.


So, God knew all alone, this world would not be complete,

that’s why he created women keep men strong and on their feet.


We Are Women, Women Of God!

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