The Saints And The Struggles

Yes, we are saints and we have struggles too.

When God called us to be sanctified,

he didn’t say we wouldn’t go through.


We are not a perfect people,

there is no such thing.

All perfect people are dead in the flesh,

and living with the king.


When saints have struggles,

we turn to prayer, we talk to God,

we cry out loud, on bending knees,

we humble ourselves and

ask him for mercy, oh please.


Our struggles are with our faith,

trails and tri-bu-la-tions.

We hope and we pray everyday

of keeping our sanc-ti-fi-cation.


We have all falling short of the glory of God,

but we don’t give up, we go through,

because, we know that God is there

with us, showing us love,

peace, grace and mercy too.


The difference between the saint and sinner

struggles are far from being stretched.

We are all human beings with feelings,

and we sometimes will get in the flesh.


If you ask a saint how do they survive

with the struggles of everyday living.

They’ll say to you through fasting and praying

God is still delivering.


Don’t think for one moment we have it easy

because we are saved, it was the grace of God

and the love for his people that led his son,

Christ Jesus to the grave.


Because of our sins Jesus died

However, he arose.

Because of his death we have life

and with life we have strug-gles.

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