The Pearly White Gates

The Pearly White Gates as we know them to be,

because we have read this from the bible you see.

But are they really there, we ask ourselves,

do we really believe that there could be such a thing,

or, are the Pearly White Gates just a fantasy or a dream?


Heaven is described to be a place God has prepared for us,

the Pearly White Gates are the entrance to get in,

but we must have faith and believe

that Jesus is real and he’ll return again.


Is Jesus real we ask ourselves?

The water he walked on, the blind he made see,

the lamed he made walk, the dead he arose,

the possessed he delivered, the sick he healed,

and we still have doubt that our Jesus is real?


The Pearly White Gates, could you imagine them to be?

What about the streets of gold God created for you and me?

"Streets of gold?!” We ask ourselves, is there really such a thing?

Again, are the Pearly White Gates and the streets of gold

just a fantasy or a dream?


How do we get to this place called heaven?

What must we do, is there a test to take,

is the journey long, is it hard to do,

are people going to be there who looks like me and you?


Again these are questions we ask ourselves,

because in our minds we have doubt that we bare,

of the Pearly White Gates, the streets of gold

and of a heaven we can’t see, that may not even be not there.


The creation of God has longed puzzled man.

The sun in the day, the moon at night,

the stars that twinkle so beautiful and bright.

The wind that blows, the trees that sway,

the birds that fly way up in the sky.

The air we breathe, the water we drink,

the activities of our limbs and

the brain which makes us think.

The animals that walk, the fish that swim

all of this and more was created by him. God!


Again we ask ourselves does the Pearly White Gates really exist,

what about the streets of gold, and the so called heaven,

where God suppose to be, waiting for you and me.

We have to believe that this is all true,

because, no one but God

could have created me and you.


How could we believe such beautiful things

that our eyes have yet not seen,

we hope and we pray of his miracles each day,

that the Pearly White Gates, the streets of gold

and heaven above is there anyway..


As I end this poem I end it in fate,

please, let us not be late, for The Pearly White Gates.

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