The Master Sees Everything

You can’t hide from the Master, he sees everything.

In the middle of the night, when there’s no one else there,

who do you think you’re fooling, the Master is everywhere.


He see you going to the liquor store,

coming out of that bar,

he see you running down the street

jumping into that car.



Did you actually think you could get away,

sneaking around corners,

going through alleys,

hiding behind buildings,

ducking behind bushes,

being in a disguise,

you can’t fool the Master,

he is much too wise.


How did you think you got your sight,

to see the things you do,

what makes you think your getting away,

when he's always watching you.


When you woke-up this morning did you bother to give him praise? 

Did you bother to say,

"Thank you God",

 for another day


Tomorrow when and if you awake it’ll be a brighter day,

for you my brother and my sister, if only you would pray.


When you get tired of all your mess and ready to give in,

the Master will be there waiting for you until the very end.


If for some reason you pass-over while you’re asleep,

I hope and I pray that you asked the Master, to keep you at his feet.



If he lets you awake to see another day,

remember it’s because of the Master,

and you ought a want to pray.


So don’t think you’re getting away when you’re only getting by,

it’s because of his grace and mercy he hasn’t let you die.


He is the Master and the Master sees everything.

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