Why Did God Choose Me?

Through all of my ugliness

and all of my sinful ways,

I sometimes wonder why,

God didn’t pass on by.



I asked myself,

how could this be,

that God has chosen someone,

someone like me.


Why did he choose me?

Does anyone know?

I was a liar,

a cheater,

a shyster,

a runner on the go.


He didn’t have to choose me

however, I know that

but, he chose me anyway

and that is certainly a fact.


I remember the night

when he called my name,

I was messed up on drugs,

just playing the game.

When he first called my name

I ignored his call,

I was not yet done getting high,

smoking an eight ball.


Again I asked, why did God choose me?

I was so messed up on drugs,

I was blind, and could not see.

He called me a second time

when I was getting high,

and I tried to ignore him

but, I felt his touch, and started to cry.


I yield to his call the night after that,

I came to the church 

I stepped to the altar,

I felled to my knees,

I cried out to God,

“Please God, save me please"!


Was this my choice?


I never said I wanted to be saved,

It was the choice of Jesus Christ,

who went to the grave.


Now, I know why God has chosen me

so that I could give him glory, honor and praise

and everyone that has ever known me,

would truly be amazed.

"God Chose Me!"

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