"Blackie" The Humongous Beast

Jelly jars fell from their little hands,
grasshoppers no longer secured.

Shattered fragments of glass sprang

from the tarred pavement alley.


“Run! Run!” Shouted a little girl

“It’s Blackie!” 


Petrified of the big humongous beast.

Minds racing, bodies immobilized.


Losing of limbs, visions of death

fill the imaginations of the young girls.

The humongous beast was on their trail.


A flame of torture

in the beast eyes,

the foul tainted odor

of his hot breath.


The youngest girl ran as fast

as she could

falling up the stairs

in fear of the beast.


Hitting her face against

the hard concrete steps;

blood gushed out as

she laid unconscious .


No more screaming,

No more terror,

Darkness appeared, 

Only to be captured by silence.

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