Words Of Seeds "The Creator" 

Hello and thank you for visiting "Words of Seeds".

My name is Rosa and I'm a creative writer of Christian and Non-Christian poetry, short stories, skits and plays. I'm also an actress, director and producer. I am a woman of many hats and sometime wear them all at once.


I am available to write for your church, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc. I've studied creative writing, speech and theater at Harper College of Palatine, IL. and Columbia College of Chicago, IL.


My goal is to touch the lives of many while inspiring others to be creative in reaching their goals. All of my writings are the original works created by me. None of the writings shall be reproduced or put into production without my written consent. If there are any writings on this website that are not of my own, the artist will be stated before or after each writing. 


Music that is uploaded to this website is by various artist. Some images are uploaded from Google and other networks. I do not believe in plagiarism. I believe that God has given individuals the ability to create, we just need to apply our gifts to be creative.


I started writing and acting at a young age, however I put it on the back burner for several years before reigniting the fire again. I've been consistent with my writing for the last decade; I know this is the will that God has for my life, it is he that has given me the gift to be creative.


Although, I love to write Christian material, I also like to write Non-Christian material as well. I'd like to consider myself as being well rounded in creative writings for both the Christian and the Non-Christian. "Don't Judge Me!"

I don't judge people and I don't want to be judged by people. God is my only Judge, he created me and he knows me better than I know myself.

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