A Room Of Depression

The Master bedroom is very large, size 24X16 with a connecting bathroom. The bathroom is not in use due to busted water pipes, the water is completely shut down in the bathroom, and the door is always closed and locked. The bedroom has a dark floral print wallpaper on the north and south walls. The east and west walls are painted in a light coffee brown color with dark floral printed borders at the top of them. The east wall also has two big picture framed windows setting in the center of it. The bedroom is dark and dull.


The King sized cherry oak wood, four post bed is centered up against the west wall.  The over sized matching dresser is centered against the north wall, and there’s a rocking chair in the south corner of the room. The thick heavy duty floral printed dusty curtains hanging from the windows are drawn closely. There is no light in the room except a glimpse of light that is shining from the early morning sunlight. The light is coming from the east window through a small crack of a ripped curtain.  Sounds of snoring are coming from Cathy as she sleeps with her mouth open. “Chrrrrr, crrrr, chrrrrr, crrrr, chrrrr, crrrr.” The odor of bad breath fills the room.


The house is old. The wind is blowing outside sending a whistling sound around the house. The sound is so clear that it seems like it’s coming from inside the room, not loud but softly, “Wrrrrrrrr, wrrrrrrrr, wrrrrrrrr, wrrrrrrrr.” The bedroom door is hanging on weak hinges and is slightly opened, it makes a squeaky sound from the draft that's in the old house. You can hear the walls of the bedroom talking with whispers of mice crawling, scratching the walls from the inside trying to set themselves free from being captive. The room is cold and damp; the radiator is turned off in the bedroom. Noises are coming from the radiator as if someone were tapping on it with a wrench. "Tttttttt, tttttttt, tttttttt, ttttttttt, ttttttttt.”

Cathy awakes, she lies in bed shivering, making sounds with her mouth and her teeth as they are clicking together, “Bbbbbb, bbbbb, bbbbb, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta” Cathy pulls the thick floral printed old bedspread close to her, wrapping herself in it trying to keep warm. Finally she gets out of bed very quickly, without putting on slippers she runs to turn the knob on the radiator, the wood floor is squeaky and cold. She runs back to the bed and jumps in, again wrapping herself tightly in the bedspread to stay warm.


The steam from the radiator starts to come out making loud, steamy sounds.

“Stsssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh, Stsssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh.” After the radiator gets hot enough the noise of the tapping stops, but the steam sound continues. Built up pressure needs to be released from the radiator. The room is starting to get warm; the smell of bad breath is no longer lingering in the air. The room is still dark and dull, only warmer.

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